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Qi Wireless Charging
Qi Wireless Charging

Fast Charging


Firmly holds phone

360 Degree Rotation
360 Degree Rotation

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What makes us different?

Experience High Performance and Secure attachment

  • Intelligent Sensing

    Intelligent Sensing

    Automatically detect when phone is being placed

  • Smart Touch

    Smart Touch

    Touch top of back cover to release phone

  • 10W / 7.5W / 5W

    10W / 7.5W / 5W

    Output: 9V/1.2A; 5V/1.5A

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Raise Your Expectations

refined charging experience

5W / 7.5W / 10W Wireless Charger

Our Simple fast wireless charger uses Qi technology to provide up to 10W of charging power. Quickly charge your phone when you are on the go. Stop letting your phone die because it's a pain to keep your phone and mount in the same place. Easily place the charger on the vent using the attached clip and connect with the included USB cable.

The clamping arms will secure the phone in place so no more reaching for the phone has it falls into the floor board.

Find the Right Style

Designed for you

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    Take phone charging to the next level with our Simple Fast™ Wireless Car Charger. With 10W of charging power and 1.5A of current never run out of battery again. Easy and convenient to use with automatic open and close clamps. The bottom bracket provides stability

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    One Hand Operation

    The automatic-clamping feature enables one hand placement and retrieval of the phone. To release phone from the clamps touch the back sensor area of the charger without unplugging the device. (NOTE: when the power is connected)

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    Charge through protective cases

    Our wireless charger supports charging through phones cases up to 6mm thick. Please note that cases made of metal, external attachments such as magnets, credit cards, grips, and stands will interfere.

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Innovative qualities & features

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Intelligent Charger

Qi Charger securely locks phone in place. No need to worry about phone falling into the floorboard.

Easy Operation

One hand operation allows for safer driving and stress free usage.

Suitable for air vents

One clip stable on a variety of different air vent styles.


Auto Open

Move your phone close to the charger and the clamps will open automatically.

360 Degree Rotation

Charger can be used in both horizontal and vertical position.

Anti Scratch Design

Silicon Pad used to increase friction and protect both phone and the charger itself.


Your Questions Answered

What phones does your charger work with?

Our charger works with the latest phones that support wireless charging. If you wish to use wireless charging please make sure your phone supports wireless charging.

Will My Phone fit?

As long as your phone is between 4.5" and 6.5" it will fit between the clamps of our wireless charger.

What is included?

Our wireless charger includes the following:

- 1 Wireless Charger.

- 1 Air Vent Clip.

- 1 Charger Cable.

- 1 Manual

How long until I receive my charger?

Our typical shipping times are 10-15 business days however this does not include processing time or unexpected delivery delays.

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